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With a long history of serving the technology needs of K-12 schools, local government and commercial businesses, United Systems is deeply committed to helping build a bright future for the next generation. This means supporting the health and vibrance of the broader community with secure and reliable technology solutions to empower you.

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A in the community's economic growth and stability.

As a trusted partner to many local SMBs, including law firms, we bring the same level of expertise and dedication that we offer to the most sophisticated enterprise environments. Our comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and needs across various sectors allows us to provide tailored solutions that fuel growth and stability for organizations of any size.


When it comes to education, our expertise in navigating the complexities of the E-Rate process and compliance matters sets us apart. We help schools maximize resources through tailored internet connectivity solutions and guidance in alternative funding for K12 security infrastructure. As a dedicated partner, United Systems is committed to advancing the educational and business goals of your community, ensuring growth and development across all sectors.

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